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Hi, I'm Cam. When I got the opportunity to move from the United States to Japan for my job I jumped on it without thinking twice...

It Didn't Take Me Long to Figure Out Just How Hard and Boring Learning a New Language Can Be

Don't get me wrong... The IDEA of learning a new language is really exciting, at least it is to me... But once I sat down with my first Japanese it didn't take me long to realize that Japanese is pretty complicated and this was going to be a LONG and BORING process...

I skipped from one course to the next and found out that they're all pretty similar to each other...​

  • I'd write down words 50 times... And still not remember them a few days later.
  • I'd cram my brain with vocabulary and grammar books... And it was BOOORING!
  • I'd watch videos and play with interactive software... I'm not saying it didn't help, but it was tedious and not much fun.
  • After days of studying I felt like I had made absolutely no progress.

I don't have a terrible memory, I don't have the greatest memory either, but this stuff was hard...

I didn't know it at the time, but it didn't have to be hard... It didn't have to be boring (it's actually a lot of fun) and I could have mastered over 1,000 Japanese words in the same amount of time it's take me to get through a lesson or two in "traditional" Japanese courses.​

I know that sounds like an unbelievable claim but it's true, and I'm about to tell you why...​

Here's how a man I've never met taught me Japanese... in less than a week.

I was REALLY struggling to learn Japanese... In fact, if I wasn't FORCED to learn it for my job, I probably would have given up.

But I'm glad I didn't, because not only is the ability to speak Japanese an extremely rewarding experience, but I've learned some other skills that have helped me throughout my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined... Let me explain.

I was browsing the web when I stumbled across an article about a man named Harry Lorayne.

You may have heard of him, he famously went on the Tonight Show... Memorized the ENTIRE audience's names in a matter of minutes, and then called them all out by name. Pretty incredible, right?

​Not only that, he's taught literally tens of thousands of people how to unlock the true potential of their memory. Even Time Magazine calls him "The Yoda of Memory Training."

I started wondering if this guy could help me figure out a way to learn Japanese faster, so I went out and bought just about everything he's ever put out on memory training...​

When I Used His Techniques I Started Learning Japanese... I Was Having Fun, And I Was Learning and Retaining Over 100 Words Per Hour. 

I know it sounds incredible, but it's true. In just a few hours I was starting to pick up Japanese words faster than ever before... In less than a week I was having conversations in Japanese... And in less than 2 months time I was completely fluent in Japanese.

Keep in mind it takes some people 10 YEARS to become fluent in Japanese... And that's because they learn the same way that nearly every single course out there teaches... And it's a looong and boring process.​

Using the memory techniques taught by Harry Lorayne literally took years off of my learning curve... Pretty soon I started turning it into a course, mainly for myself, and was learning 100 new words per hour... And I was easily remembering them, permanently.

Whenever a new American co-worker of mine would transfer to Japan, I'd let them borrow the course I'd put together for myself... And every single one of them where having fluent conversations in Japanese in less than a weeks time...

Our Japanese co-workers couldn't believe it!​

I Knew I Was On To Something BIG...

Since my system was working for more and more people, I decided to go ahead and create a complete course using my system. I'd spend every waking hour after work to put this together... I found a unique way to combine the powerful memory techniques taught to me by “The Yoda of Memory Training” with learning Japanese.

Since I Created Bullet Japanese I've Been Able To Teach Hundreds of People To Speak Japanese In Record Time.

This is a language learning course unlike anything on the market... I'll show you how to tap into powerful memorization techniques that will have you learning Japanese within weeks...

You Can Be Having Conversations In Japanese By Tomorrow Afternoon.

Let me explain... If you download this course and IMMEDIATELY begin studying, you CAN have conversations in Japanese by tomorrow... You won't speak it fluently, and you won't have an entire vocabulary... But you'll understand at least 800 of the most important Japanese words, and I have a way for you to remember all of the grammar rules in no time flat as well.

Here's Just a Little Bit of What I Can Show You...

  • One simple memorization technique that WILL allow you to learn 100 Japanese words per hour... And retain every single one of them in your memory.
  • Have a Japanese conversation in 10 hours... Once I teach you your first 800-1000 Japanese words, you'll be able to communicate and understand Japanese well enough to hold a conversation! (You're free to work at your own pace as well.)
  • Even though Japanese is a tough language to learn in comparison to other languages, I've presented this course in a way that teaches you nouns, verbs and adjectives in the fastest and easiest to understand way possible.
  • Once you start to use the strategies outlined in my course, you'll be able to pick up and understand words in context during Japanese conversations in person or online.... Even if you've never heard the word before in your life.
  • You can use these memory techniques in nearly every other aspect of your life... Remember names, faces, other languages... Even where you left the car keys!
  • I HATE being bored... That's why I've created this whole to FORCE you to enjoy learning Japanese every step of the way... You'll be learning Japanese in record time, and unlike other courses, you'll actually be having fun as well.
  • Over 40 scientifically designed drills to help you make absolutely sure that you're retaining the information... And if you have trouble areas you know EXACTLY what areas you'll be working on... And the drills are actually a lot of fun!

Bullet Japanese has been designed to make you fluent fast... Teach ANYONE how to speak Japanese at record speeds... Even if you've never learned a 2nd language before... And if you feel like you don't have a great memory, it's 100 times more powerful than realize.

It Has Worked for Hundreds of People, And It Can Work For You As Well

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now And I Understand That It Is Fully Guaranteed For 60 Days

Why Learn Japanese?

If you're reading this website then you probably already a strong desire to learn Japanese, but just in case you're considering it, here are the many benefits that I've come across...

  • It presents a world of opportunity... People who speak fluent English and Japanese are in demand and tough to find, no matter what career field your in... You could even get a job teaching English in Japan if you wanted to.
  • If you're already trying to learn Japanese for school or through traditional courses, this system will literally cut years off of your learning.
  • Experience meeting people that you'd never to be able to otherwise, in your own town, online, or if you ever want to travel to Japan.
  • It look absolutely FANTASTIC on a resume.
  • It changes your life in way you can't even begin to imagine... Impress your friends when you order in a Japanese restaurant, understand the ways of a culture that were previously impossible, and feel an IMMENSE sense of satisfaction once you've accomplished learning a new language.

Here's Why You'll Have Fun Every Time You Take A Lesson From Bullet Japanese...

Most Japanese courses are pretty much the same... If you take a class, you go through boring assignments, and extremely boring memory exercises that simply aren't effective as they could be.

Not only that, but to become fluent in Japanese is going to cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars...

Think about that for a second. Do you really want to spend a TON of money just to force yourself to sit through hour upon hour of BORING lessons?

With Bullet Japanese, learning Japanese automatically becomes like a game, like a fun challenge for yourself to learn just how much more you can learn with each lesson.​

​You can see your progress day by day... You become excited because everyday you can see your self one step closer to learning Japanese...

And that's the REAL secret.​

To make learning Japanese as fast and easy as possible, all while making it a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience.

The memory training devices work... Without repetition, and you remember every word you learn, up to 100 words per hour...

When it used to take you an hour just to remember "May I Use The Restroom" in Japanese, now in that same time frame you could learn enough words to hold an intelligent conversation about ANY subject...

It's that powerful... And you'll look forward to every single lesson.

And once you complete the course, you'll have the knowledge to pick up Japanese words the first time you read or hear them...

You can be speaking Japanese in literally less than a day from now, and be well on your way to being fluent in one of the worlds most beautiful languages.

That's why Bullet Japanese is quickly becoming the world's most popular Japanese learning system.​

Here's What People Who've Tried Our Course Have To Say...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Your memory techniques are great.”

“I used your program, and I think it is totally amazing. I have completed everything up to except the last 77 pages.

Your memory techniques are great, and I have already recommended this program to several people. I really have only started Japanese for a few months, (but I had a few short failed attempts prior to these few months at learning Japanese.) The vocabulary that I learned from your program has helped me so incredibly much.

I am actually able to have conversations with people already in Japanese! I used this program in addition to a free program you recommended. They have quick grammar points that simply explained in about a minute. So with the vocabulary I learned from your program and the grammar points, my Japanese has really improved in a short amount of time.

I just want to say that I highly recommend these memory techniques to anyone who is studying a language at any level. I highly, highly recommend this program to every beginner of Japanese... Buy this program, and gambatte kudasai! :)"

Jeffrey M.

“...300 plus Japanese people went wild with delight.”

“I have been using this method for the past three years - just concentrating on vocab, and trying to speak to Japanese friends just as they speak to me.

At the opening ceremony of the 6th Asian Ostomy Association Conference in Tokyo on November 16th last year, I, as the incumbent President, had to give a welcome address to the participants, more than half of whom were Japanese from all over Japan.

I started my address in English, and when I had got through the necessary greetings and good wishes in English, I spoke for five minutes in Japanese.

The 300 plus Japanese people present went wild with delight. Many of them came up to me during the reception afterwards and congratulated me, including the Minister For Health's representative.

Thank you for your guidance and advice over the past three years. You helped me a lot. I am most grateful to you.”

John C.
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I can already see improvements...”


I have been working through your system for a few days now, and can already see massive improvements in my progress of learning Japanese.

This method is so much faster than trying to learn words the old way from textbooks.

The impressive part is that even though you are learning a lot of words in a short time, you can still remember the majority of them with ease later. Unlike almost everything else sold on the internet the claims are not exaggerated at all! If you concentrate you can easily learn and retain 100 words per hour.

Arigatou Gozaimasu.”


Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now And I Understand That It Is Fully Guaranteed For 60 Days

Speak Japanese Today!


Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese And I Understand It Is Fully Guaranteed For 60 Days...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The system is really easy and simple.”

“I'm progressing well and the best part is I remember a lot from one session to the next!

Well, I've been doing really well, practicing about 20 minutes a day and running through a lot, I just wish I had someone to practice on!

The system is really easy and simple, no complicated schemes or boring and long explanations. Everything in Bullet Japanese is straight forward and to the point.

Don't waste another minute, cram all the Japanese you can into your head."


You'll Also Receive These Exclusive Bonuses, Absolutely FREE:

Bullet JLPT

Want to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test with flying colors?...

...you'll receive Bullet JLPT too.

Now you'll be picking up Japanese words at the speed of light, why not show off your new skills by ace-ing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test...

Discover how easy it is to remember Japanese words and get a worldwide recognized qualification into the bargain.

You'll get full access to Bullet JLPT.

In just a matter of hours you'll know all the vocab on the test!

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now With All The Bonuses!

Bullet Hiragana Software

Want to read Japanese in just one week?...

...you'll receive Bullet Hiragana software too. (Mac & Windows)

Now that you'll have a huge database of Japanese words stored in your head, why not impress your friends with the ability to read and write them?

With Bullet Hiragana software you'll be reading Japanese script like it was your native language in no flat.

You'll get full access to Bullet Hiragana software.

In just one week you'll be reading Japanese!

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now With All The Bonuses!

Bullet Katakana Software

Want to read Japanese Katakana script in just one week?...

...you'll receive Bullet Katakana software too. (Mac & Windows)

Katakana is used everywhere in Japan... On menus, signs, schedules, hotels... everywhere.

Make your next stay in Japan a breeze using Bullet Katakana.

You'll get full access to Bullet Katakana software.

In just one week you'll know all the Katakana!

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now With All The Bonuses!

Are You Ready To Be Able To Speak And Have A Complete Conversation In Japanese In Less Than 24 Hours?

This is the same system that's allowed myself, my co-workers, and hundreds of satisfied customers to learn Japanese at lighting speed, to learn up to 100 words per hour, to have a conversation in Japanese in less than a day, and to speak the language fluently in less than a month...

While other language learning courses cost upwards of $500, you can get Bullet Japanese for less than the price of a night on the town, only $9.95!... 

But it gets better...

I'm so sure that you'll agree that Bullet Japanese is hands down the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Japanese...

That the memory skills you learn from this program will help you throughout your life in ways that you can't even imagine...

​You also get a FULL 60 days to test it out... If you're not happy for ANY reason, simply email me within 60 days and I will issue you a prompt, no questions asked refund.

Yes, Cam... I understand that I will receive the popular Bullet Japanese program, plus bonuses, for a one-time fee of only $9.95!

Here's What You'll Get...

  • Bullet Japanese System
  • Bullet Hiragana software (Mac & Windows)
  • Bullet JLPT
  • Bullet Katakana software (Mac & Windows)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I know you'll absolutely love Bullet Japanese. But just in case you're still wondering, I want to make it foolproof for you.

Start using Bullet Japanese today. Let the 100s of Japanese vocabulary flow into your brain-forever.

If you're not completely convinced that drinking in Japanese like a desert-thirsty cow is worth 10 times the price I'm asking, then no problem. You have a full 60 days to ask for your money back. I'll refund your investment, no questions asked.

P.S. Bullet Japanese lets you learn in an hour what used to take days. The incredible memory devices combined with a fun and easy course allow you to learn 100 words per hour, and master Japanese in a fraction of the time it'd otherwise take.

P.P.S. Remember, if Bullet Japanese isn't the most powerful, fun and exciting Japanese course you've ever tried, or you aren't 100% satisfied for ANY reason, simply let me know within 60 days for a FULL, no questions asked refund... This offer is 100% risk free. Try it today.

P.P.P.S. I know this is a totally new concept for you... Spending 10 seconds studying a Japanese vocabulary word and locking it into your brain forever. Imagine how great you'll feel as your friends start thinking of you as some kind of linguistic genius. Because every hour from now is another chance for you to add 100 words to your Japanese vocabulary.

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now With All The Bonuses!